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Okay, so you wantt a free flight or get complimentary Medical Apparel, Shoe, Nurses Instrruments, and Accessories. Earn ShaGha Points which can be converted into coupons for future Medical Apparel, Fottwear, and other Accessoris NOT free flight. Not bad, eh?

Get started today and earn 500 ShaGha Points just for signing up (we're cool like that). Then, every time you shop, watch those points rack up. It doesn't stop there - you can earn ShaGha Points in a variety of ways. Here are all the ways you can earn...

  • - Refer a Friend - Get a friend to buy with us and earn 3,000 points. Your friend will get 10% off their first order and you'll look like a stud.
  • - Celebrate a birthday - Just for staying alive earn 1,000 points.
  • - Buy with us - For every dollar you spend earn 5 points. It's like cash back, but with points.
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  • - You can access your balance and redeem your points at our showrrom or call us to process, like ...
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Join a growing team of passionate healthcare professionals and students!

  • - Are you a Nurse, Healthcare Professional, or a Med School Student?
  • - Are you social media savvy?
  • - Do you live in the GTA?
  • - Do you want free Scrubs, Lab Coats, Nurse Gear, Diagnostic Tools, and/or Instruments?

If you answered with a yes above, then you are the best fit to be our newest ShaGha Ambassador!

What we do? What we stand for? Browse our website for our complete intro. We have worked hard to cultivate our business model and are looking for individuals who can represent and pass our name on to extended communities. We encourage our Ambassadors to have the ambition to achieve, creative freedom, and excellent work ethics.

Here's what's required (in a creative, fun, and respectful manner):

  1. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  2. Post / promote the hashtag #ShaGhaFashioncare on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn page at least 2 times in a month.
  3. Get 10 people signed up, must be working in health sector.

Here's what you get, when you visit our showroom in Mississauga, ON

  • Enjoy a shopping spree up to and including $50 worth of merchandise AFTER you hit 200 likes in total on an ambassador post.
  • You can pick and choose any merchandise available in store.
  • Rewards - in person, in store only.
  • No cash reward.

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group / institutional discount

Group / Institutional Discount - 20% Off

  • Group / Institutional discount for hospitals, care centres, dental office, labs, students and other healthcare facilities. Whether you are a employee, accompanying a student group, or an association, we will make it simple and easy to experience our group sales discount and take advantage of savings and courteous personalized service.

  • Discount

    • 1 - Browse and Select from our contemporary collection, let us know what you thinking of.
    • 2 - Enjoy 20% off when you ask more than 12 items or sets.
    • 3 - Get Quote with no obigation. Sure you will like it - Place Order - Come Back

  • Colors and Styles

    Color coordination uniforms are a great way to help patients identify the roles of their caregives.

  • You Company Logo and Embriodery

    Low coast and expert personalization and customization.

  • Account Setup

    Set up an account for corporate clients is a good option for re-ordering, multiple locations and documentation work.

  • Customer Service

    We at ShaGha genuinely care about our customers and are dedicated to develop long-term customer retaionships. You will find simple and easy to experience our institutiona sales discount and take advantage of savings and courteous personalized service.

  • Easy Ordering

    We are just a call away. Call 905 607 5554 to discuss your need.

discount available

Association / Community Disount - 20% Off

Congratulation!  Canadian reputiable Medical / Health related Association, Organization, or Community for everything you have done and continues to do for the betterment of Canadin Healthcare professionals and community, we have added the following exclusive offer to your Members' Advantage Program.


    Save 20%  off on all brand-name Scrubs, Lab Coats, Diagnostic Tools, Accessories, Medical Supplies, and daily essentials.

    Delivery Charges

    No delivery charge on orders over CD$75 within GTA

    How does it work?

    • - For online order check with your association / community membership admin.
    • - Simple visit our Showroom, tell us you are a meber of (Canadian Association / Network) before paying your bill.

med student discount

Med Student Discount - 10% Off

  • Are you Canadian Medical / Dental Students or Trainee?
  • - Get 10% Student Discount, even items on sale.
  • - Valid on first order in store only, after you signup.

first time here

First-Time Shopper?

  • First-time shopping in our Store?
  • - Enjoy an extra 10% Off.
  • - Valid on first order in-store only, after you signup.

healthcare apparel, linen, footwear, scrubs, lab coats

Bundle Discount On Clinic Supplies

  • You love discounts, deals, budles, please sign up Subscribe to our emails and receive a CD$ 10.00 off on your first clinic supplies order over CD$ 100.00.
Loyalty program

Loyalty Program

A rewards program offered by ShaGha to customers who frequently make purchases with us.

  • No membership fee. Save time and money! Easy to achieve.
  • On each purchase, receive a credit of.
  • 2% Off on your next order.
  • 2% Off on your next order after CD$ 1,000.00 purchase in a year.